Download Camera 2 v1.2.1 aplikasi foto edit android

Camera 2 adalah aplikasi editor camera perangkat android dengan menambahkan banyak fitur didalamnya. aplikasi ini memudahkan anda untuk mengedit foto maupun video yang anda ambil dari perangkat android anda. dalam versi ini ada tambahan beberapa fitur diantaranya :

Featuring many unique high quality effects, grouped into families sharing a common theme:
  • Old Time: make your camera look like something from the 20′s, 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s or 80′s
  • Lomos and Retro: everyone’s favourite, from normal to sublime.
  • Comic: to express yourself, half tone, B&W, printed comics, new style, mix and match
  • Art: sometimes you just want to create a piece of art with a tap
  • Sci-Fi: see it to believe it
  • Computer: and finally, for every geek or nerd out there, this is unmissable. Old computer monitors
Many of the effects can be boosted by applying a superb “out of focus”/”depth of field” filter, and, as usual, it’s all real time.
  • Capture high resolution photos with effects
  • Capture video with effects (*)
  • Apply the effects to your existing photos too
  • Share your creations straight from the app
  • More than 25 high quality effects
  • Tweak each effect to achieve your own unique look
  • Animated effects

Developer               :  JFDP Labs
License / Price        : 3.18
Size                          :  5.2mb

Size / OS                  : 
Android 4.0.3 and up
Last Updated          : 8 oktober 2013

Lihat di  : Google Play



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