Download Falling Skies: Planetary War v1.1.3 Full Game Apk

Falling Skies: Planetary War adalah game yang terinspirasi dari film serial TV Falling Skies TNT, dimana anda dituntut membangun basis skuad / tentara dan menghancurkan musuh yang berupa alien yang ingin menguasai bumi.
•Free to Play
•Join the war: Humans vs. Espheni aliens
•Construct and organize your Base Camp with barracks, farms, and defensive structures
•Manage your resources of Metal, Food and Ore to upgrade buildings, defenses, and fighting force
•Train and deploy your troops. Scout or Crawly, Berserker or Skitter, be ready for combat at any time
•Attack and devastate bases on the opposing side to gain Prestige and resources for yourself
•Access the Global Conflict Status to check on the progress of all players of both human and alien combatants, throughout the world.
•Donate your Food, Metal and Alien Ore to help your chosen race win the battle each week. The winning race
will be rewarded with bonuses to help them survive.
•Check out your achievements and earn daily or weekly goals that change dynamically from week to week
Sebelum anda bermain game ini, dibutuhkan koneksi internet, tenang aja gratis kok.

Developer               : Little Orbit
License / Price       : Free
Size                          :  48mb
Size / OS                  : 
Android 2.3 and up
Last Updated          : 30 January 2014

Lihat di  : Google Play


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