Download True Skate v1.2.4 Game Skateboard Android

Yang Baru pada versi
- NEW SKATE PARK - The Warehouse
- Fixed some crash bugs
- Improved 2 finger steering issues.
- Added camera tilt option and improved camera.
- Improved ledge grind physics.
- Improved ollies and grinds on vert and steep transitions.
- Fixed various physics bugs and exploits.
True Skate adalah game skateboard android, berbeda dengan game-game skateboard android lainnya,  dengan True Skate, anda seolah-olah mengendarai skateboard sendiri dengan kedua jari anda, dan melakukan manuver-manuver keren menggunakan Jemari anda yang seolah mewakili kaki sebagai pijakan. Beikut beberapa Fiturnya:

- Realistic touch based physics.
- Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect.
- Drag your finger on the ground to push.
- A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (An additional skate park is now available as an In-App Purchase)
- Smooth graphics.
- A camera that lets you see where you are going.
Available by IN-APP BILLING only:
- 2 additional skate parks.
- We hope to bring more new skate parks to True Skate in the future.
Optional IN-APP BILLING : (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions)
- Unlock all missions.
- Unlimited slow motion.
- Unlimited board customization.
True Skate - screenshotTrue Skate - screenshotTrue Skate - screenshot
Developer               : True Axis
License / Price        : 25.000
Size                          : 21mb
Size / OS                  : Android 2.1 and up
Last Updated          : 14 maret 2014

Lihat di  : Google Play


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