Download Project Hera Launcher Theme v1.5 Full Apk

Project Hera Launcher Theme adalah Kumpulan beberapa tema android futuristik menarik cantik dan elegan. Project Hera Launcher Theme benar-benar dirancang untuk desain khusus icon pack, wallpaper, dock bar, perangkat tambahan folder, elemen Full Launcher, dan banyak lagi. jadi aplikasi ini sangat cocok bagi anda yang suka hal-hal baru dalam tampilan android smartphone anda.
Berikut adalah beberapa fitur dan fitur tambahan yang ada pada aplikasi ini:
  1. Automatically apply theme to your favorite launcher
  2. Automatically send missing icon requests
  3. Built-in icon search with categories
  4. Help section for additional help and information
HERACon Ultimate Moonshine Icon Pack
  1. Over 600+ new Moonshine style designs with more on the way
  2. Includes 2,400 custom-designed stock style icons with minimal effects, new redesigns added daily
  3. All icons designed in ultra-crisp XXX-HDPI resolution, highest resolution available with full 192px
  4. Switch between multiple icon designs, colors and styles, custom-designed featuring latest style of Android design icons
  5. Feel free to use built-in icon requester included in app or e-mail any requests you may have.
  6. Dedicated FULL Black Moonshine Icons version also available on Google Play
  7. Built-in Wallpaper Manager
  8. 60 exclusive custom designed KitKat 4.4.3+ style wallpapers to choose from in a variety of colors and designs
  9. Cloud-based wallpaper system saves space on your device but allows highest definition wallpaper
  10. Features Muzei Live Wallpaper support with categories and settings
  11. Features support for BLink extension in Behang wallpaper app
  1. Matching Multi-SMS Theme for EvolveSMS and/or GO SMS Pro now available on Google Play!
  2. Custom-designed Project HERA Concept clock widget, included in theme and available in your widget pack.
  3. Bonus: Includes additional dock bar icons designed for home screen dock bars, allowing you to customize this theme exactly to your tastes!
  4. 54 additional dock bar styles included in a variety of styles and additional color options.
  5. More coming soon, thank you for your support!
Yang Baru ver 1.5 Update 22 Mei 2014
  1. New icon requests added with more coming soon!
  2. Added full icon support for all CM Apps
  3. 16 new dock bar styles added, now 70 to choose from!
  4. Language localization implemented
  5. Source modifications and upgrades
  6. Updated app filter listings and icon updates
  7. Added support for BLink extension in Behang
  8. 10 brand new wallpaper designs added, now 58 wallpapers to choose from!
  9. Matching Project Hera SMS theme now available on Google Play
  10. More coming soon, thank you for your support!
Project Hera Launcher Theme - screenshot Project Hera Launcher Theme - screenshot
Project Hera Launcher Theme - screenshot Project Hera Launcher Theme - screenshot

Developer               :  BRIONICthemes
License / Price        : 12.000
Size                          :38Mb
Size / OS                  : Android 4.0.3 and up
Last Updated           : 22 Mei 2014

Lihat di  : Google Play


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