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Yang Baru Update 8 Oktober 2014
Version 6.01:
- Added new weather provider
- Bugs fixed
Version 5.05:
- FC bug fixed

True Weather, Waterfalls adalah live wallpaper cantik air terjun 3D dengan kombinasi suasana cuaca siang dan malam dengan tampilan kualitas HD, cuaca akan selalu update bila perangkat android anda terkoneksi internet.anda juga bisa memilih musim tertentu. ada 4 musim yang bisa anda pilih yaitu : Spring, Summer, Winter dan Autumn, saya contohkan sekarang musim hujan, berarti anda bisa memilih winter.

Main features of full version are:
- Current weather situation.
- Four different animated live wallpapers for 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Season is automatically selected depending on your location and date.
- 5 waterfalls themes.
- Accurate animation of sunrise and sunset.
- The current phase of the moon.
- Choice of two weather providers.
- 6 or 10-day forecast, depending on the weather provider (start with double tap on the wallpaper, see video).
- Feels like temperature.
- Wind speed and direction
- Humidity
- Quick access to 2nd city(triple tap wallpaper)
- Lots of settings
- Amazing interactive animation
- Rain, Snow depends on the wind speed, etc...
- Optimization for CPU and Battery usage
- Portrait & Landscape mode
- Weather data in 21 languages (English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Slovak, Hindi, Japanese, Romanian, Portuguese and Korean)

Tip: How to change wallpaper theme (background)?:
1. Go to TrueWeather wallpaper settings (HOME->MENU->Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->TrueWeather, Waterfalls->Settings...)
2. Scroll to Year seasons theme
3. Select year season theme (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter or Bonus)
4. Scroll to and press "Save" button
5. Press Home button and wait a few seconds


Developer               : Vivoti
License / Price        : Rp. 44.600
Size                          : 19mb 
Size / OS                  : Android 2.1 and up
Last Updated          :  8 Oktober 2014
Lihat di  : Google Play

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