Download ZPlayer 4.26 Full Apk

Yang Baru Ver4.26 Update 26 Desember 2014
  • Added option to choose user languages for biographies and album info.
  • Added option to leave notification in the status bar
  • Added podcast notification controls
ZPlayer adalah Music media player android yang tampilannya mirip dengan Tampilan menu Music Video pada Nokia Lumia / Zune Software pada versi PCnya, Tidak hanya tampilan saja yang sama fitur dan efeknya pun hampir sama. bila anda pernah punya HP Lumia mungkin aplikasi ZPlayer gak asing / mudah digunakan. so penasaran eperti apa sih ZPlayer di android. cek fitur-fiturnya dibawah:

• Music Features
- Media Player
- Listening history
- Auto generated playlists (Most Played, Favorite songs, Recently Added)
- Metadata (Album reviews, artist biographies, similar artists, similar albums)
- Music weekly trends (artist top tracks, top songs, top albums)
- Artist events*, song lyrics*.
• SongKick Events
• Features:
- scrobbling.
- ‘now playing’ status updates.
- ‘likes’ submissions.
- messaging (ShoutBox) to other users.
- scrobbling history.
• Podcast Features
- Video podcast streaming, subscriptions, downloads, player.
- Audio podcast streaming, subscriptions, downloads, player.
- Podcast search and recommendations.
• Online Radio
- Shoutcast Radio streaming (with DNAS metadata).
- Radio station search.
- radio listings and search
• Multilanguage Support
- ZPlayer supports English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Hebrew, and Portuguese languages
• ID3 Tag editor
- Single track ID3 editor
- Album editor (artist name, album year)
- Album Art Editor (API Search, Art generator, Pick from Gallery, Use camera to capture Image)
• Video player
- Fullscreen video player
- Sectioned catergories (Music videos, Movies)
- Editable ‘music videos’, and ‘movies’ directories
• Browse the albums sections not in your library and even get the album prices, 30 seconds audio samples of tracks, and “Buy” links to the albums.
• Audio Effects
- Audio Equalizer
- Create, save and manage equalizer profiles
- Bass boost
- Virtualizer
- Automatic EQ (based on track genre) **
- Audio Balance
Biar jangan penasaran liat penampakan dibawah ;
ZPlayer - screenshot ZPlayer - screenshot ZPlayer - screenshot 
ZPlayer - screenshot ZPlayer - screenshot ZPlayer - screenshot 
Developer               :  Odesanmi
License / Price        : 24.000
Size                          :  3mb
Size / OS                  : 
Android 4.0 and up
Last Updated          : 26 Desember 2014

Lihat di  : Google Play


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