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Bloons TD 5 adalah game strategi android mini perang-perangan yang unik dan menarik. Bangun strategi dengan membangun tower pertahanan, sewa agen khusus dan banyak misi yang harus dilalui.. berikut adalah fitur dari Bloons TD 5:
- 21 powerful towers with Activated Abilities and 2 upgrade paths
- 40+ Tracks
- Two-player co-operative play on custom co-op tracks
- 10 Special Agents
- 10 Special Missions
- 250+ Random Missions
- New Bloon enemies - tougher Camos, Regrower Bloons, and the fearsome ZOMG
- 3 different game modes
- Freeplay mode after mastering a track
- 3 difficulty settings and family-friendly theme so anyone can play .

Yang baru update 27 maret 2015
Bug fix for people experiencing issues with the new Odyssey mode.
Update 2.15
Prepare to face Poseidon's wrath in the awesome new Odyssey mode!
Each week the Ninja Kiwi community team will hand craft an epic journey worthy of only the most seasoned explorers. Take on up to 5 tracks back to back armed with only a single set of lives.
Bloons TD 5 - screenshot Bloons TD 5 - screenshot 

Developer               : ninja kiwi
License / Price        : 37.000
Size                          :  86mb
Size / OS                  : Android 2.3. and up
Last Updated          : 27 Maret 2015

Lihat di  : Google Play
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