Download Turbo Editor PRO (Text Editor) v2.0.1 Full Apk

Turbo Editor PRO adalah Text Editor android yang simpel mudah dan bersifat Open Source.  Turbo Editor PRO (Text Editor) dapat mengedit segala format TXT, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript dsb. Turbo Editor PRO (Text Editor) juga mempunyai tampilan yang dinamis, mudah dan sangat enak untuk digunakan.
Versi Pro tidak ada iklan.
★ Completely Open Source text editor
★ Super cool theme with Material Icons
★ Optimized for both Smartphones and Tablets
★ Support for every type of text files
★ Root features
★ Syntax Highlight for HTML, XHTML, CSS, LESS, JS, PHP, PYTHON and many other languages
★ Support for Undo & Redo
★ Line Numbers
★ The Encoding is Auto-Detected but you can also edit it
★ Option to wrap the content if text is too large
★ Auto save mode to save files as you leave the application
★ Read only mode
★ Create files and folders a inside the app
★ Search files and folders
★ View the result on the web
★ Translated in many languages (a special thanks to all the translators!)
★ Movable on the SD card
★ Samsung Multiview support

Yang Baru update 12 Mei 2015
∙ Many many many improvements!
∙ Added the "TAB" to the symbols bar
∙ Added a navigation bar when you want to open a file
∙ Fixed many issues
∙ Some visual changes
∙ Updated the translations
Turbo Editor PRO (Text Editor) - screenshot Turbo Editor PRO (Text Editor) - screenshot 

Developer               : Maskyn
License / Price       : 25.000
Size                          :  6mb
Size / OS                  : 
Android 4.0.3 and up
Last Updated          : 12 Mei 2015

Lihat di  : Google Play


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