Download MagicPix Pro Camera Chromecast v3.1 Full Apk - MagicPix adalah aplikasi android apk penunjang kamera smartphone android anda. MagicPix merupakan aplikasi yang inovatif dan futuristik untuk hasik jepretan kamera android anda, anda bisa langsung mengambil gambar dengan efek kamera yang anda inginkan atau anda langsung bisa meng-edit hasil jepretan kamera nadroid anda dengan mudah dan hasil yang memuaskan. MagicPix menggunakan Interface atau tampilan layaknya kamera SLR.
Fitur Lengkap :
- Chromecast your pictures and videos to a big screen Chromecast enabled TV or any device. With MagicPix Live app, view the smartphone video live on a Chromecast enabled device.
- Simple, uncluttered SLR camera type interface. Well designed icons that disappear to ensure maximum viewing area. Choose between Normal (NOR) or Professional (PRO) mode.
- Use your Android Smartwatch to remotely control your smartphone camera and view your pictures. Mind blowing feature that allows flash control, camera switching, video/photo switching remotely from your smartwatch!
- Voice-activated control for your smartphone camera shutter, switching camera mode, video/photo etc.
- Better light performance: Take better videos utilizing built in camera flash for improved lighting.
- Take pictures in HDR mode!
- Zoom with pinch control.
- Geotagging - capture geographic location on the pictures.
- Autofocus: Focus your pictures by clicking or tapping on the screen at the desired area.
- Use a countdown timer including remote timer through smartwatch.
- Silent shutter mode.
- User friendly photo organization. Photos and videos are automatically classified into editable albums that can be edited by the user. Search and caption photos easily. Enjoy pictures in a slideshow.

Yang baru update 24 Agustus 2015
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Adding Virtual Flash Option
MagicPix Pro Camera Chromecast - screenshot MagicPix Pro Camera Chromecast - screenshot 

License / Price        : Rp. 20.000
Size                          :  3mb
Size / OS                  : 
Android 2.2 and up
Last Updated          : 24 Agustus 2015

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