Chess Premium v2.512 Full Game Apk

Download Chess Premium v2.512 Full Game Apk - Aplikasi-apk.com - Game Catur android kali ini Premium Version, banyak mode game, fitur dan tanpa iklan. Berikut adalah Fitur-fiturnya:

-- 12 play levels (Novice->Expert)
This uses intelligent weakening for lower levels. Good for beginners.

-- Casual and Pro modes (NEW!)
Two different play modes allow you to choose how much help the game gives you, and stats are kept separate for both.

-- Uses Treebeard Chess engine
(as used in Microsoft's MSN Chess). This has a unique ""human-like"" style.

-- Chess Tutor
This option shows a recommended piece to move. This will help you think about how you should play without telling you exactly what move to make. This is good for developing chess skill while also helping you avoid simple mistakes.

-- ""Show CPU Thinking"" option for level 3+
A unique feature, great for learning chess. This shows which moves the AI is considering.

-- Chess Stats, Timers, Hints and Handicaps
Track your career history against each level and improve your rating

-- Achievements, Leaderboards and Cloud save for stats! (NEW!)
Available when logging in with your Google+ account

-- Provides ELO Rating based on your results against CPU in Pro Mode (NEW!)

-- 2 player hot-seat
Play against your friends!

-- 13 Chess Boards and 7 Chess Piece Sets

-- Review game mode
Step back through your game and see how you won!

-- Load/Save game files & PGN Export

-- Designed for both Tablet and Phone
Landscape mode available for tablets. (NEW!)

Yang baru Update 5 Nov 2016
– Adds a new modern compressed opening book with 515k moves for upper difficulty levels, 700x bigger than old book. This will add much more play diversity and depth. Levels 6->11 also re-graded, and Levels 1 and 2 weakened

  Chess- tangkapan layar   Chess- tangkapan layar   Chess- tangkapan layar

License / Price        : Premium
Size                          : 11mb
Size / OS                  : Android 2.3 and up
Last Updated          : 5 Nov 2016

Lihat di  : Google Play
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